We are passionate about celebrating marriage in the most personal and intimate way.

We have gathered together the most talented team of local creatives with a vision to create a truly special and luxurious experience for your marriage celebration. We specialise in Elopements and also Intimate gatherings, traditionally catering for up to 10 guests.


Me + You

Imagine the most beautiful intimate and natural setting to share your wedding vows. We have had chosen a number of stunning locations to share this most special moment, followed by a luxurious picnic complete with cut crystal and french champagne.

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Nearest + Dearest

We have hand chosen a number of stunning locations to share your wedding vows with your most closest of family and friends. Catering for up to 10 guests only. Imagine after your vows, being able to immediately share a glass of french champagne in the most luxury table setting with absolutely every detail of your ceremony and glamorous celebration being taken care of for you.