Bespoke Wedding Ceremony Hire and Event Styling on the Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a unique and romantic wedding solution that reflects you and your partner? Are you tired of the standard wedding setups, and want something a little more bespoke? Would you like to speak to a wedding event stylist on the Sunshine Coast who truly gets your vision?

We help plan and execute unique weddings for brides and grooms who want their life to be a little extra magical, who love the idea of an intimate wedding in the meeting between rusticism and luxury – between dressed up and dressed down. We help couples create magical spaces for their union.


Wedding decor for stunning Sunshine Coast Weddings

Our ideal wedding is one where the line between the real and the magical seems blurred for a night. We’re in the business of finding the ideal meeting point between rusticism and luxury. Imagine stepping into your favourite clearing at dusk. The smell of eucalyptus hangs heavily in the air. An owl hoots. Fairy lights are strung between the trees and a gorgeous wooden archway stands atop lush grass. Plush velvet couches and carpets are scattered around. Lines of gorgeously decorated rustic chairs are filled with your loved ones. Further along a rustic building is prepared for the dinner following the ceremony. The ceiling is decked with lights, the table is decorated with stunning table wear candelabras. Then music from a live band starts playing.

Check out our look book to see if you’d like us to style your wedding.

Our Wedding Ceremony Services

We provide our clients with stunning rustic wedding settings. From gorgeous wedding arches, romantic, detailed chairs, plush couches and other services on the Sunshine Coast. From wedding reception styling to ceremony styling, and more, we’re decorators passionate about crafting bespoke weddings and events on the Sunshine Coast, from the first hello to the last goodbye. We provide a range of ceremony packages, to accommodate for all budgets.

With us you can rest assured that your wedding will be a true stay-in-your-mind experience for you, your friends, and family.

Hire us for a unique wedding on the Sunshine Coast

We are an event and hire and styling company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, specialising in creating and styling fabulous parties and weddings for the unique and creative bride and groom. We don’t compromise on quality, because a perfect wedding is about all the little details coming together perfectly. Contact us on 0451 156 657 today to talk about what you’d like your wedding to be like, or email us on